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Welcome to LearningHowToHack.com! Here you’ll find an archive of some hacking courses. While some of the content may be a bit outdated, much of it will be extremely useful when starting out  learning how to hack. Some of you may ask “is this legal?”. The quick answer is YES! The information is completely legal, but how you use it could be illegal. The information presented here as “how to hack techniques” are really the same thing other would call “information security”. At the end of the day, hackers and security professionals use the same techniques and knowledge. They just call it a different thing. So in your learning process, please be careful how you apply this information. There are many ways to legally practice these hacker techniques like using Virtual Machines, setting up your own machines at home to practice against,  and online practice environments.

Most of the tools that are used in the tutorials are available in Kali Linux. This is a Linux distribution designed for security testing which comes with a lot of integrated security tools. Find our more about Kali Linux at https://www.kali.org/. I recommend to download a virtual machine image of Kali Linux. You can use these images with Virtual Box. So you can use it on your Windows computer without installing Kali on it. A virtual machine environment is also very useful if you want to set up your own Hacker laboratory. You can run different virtual machines at the same time and perform attacks between these machines. If something breaks, you can reset the virtual machine at any time. If you don’t know how to install Kali Linux in Virtual Box, you might want to check out this tutorial before you get started.

Below you will find the courses from the website previously known as The Hacker Institute and the M r C r a c k e r  I n n e r  C i r c l e. Both sites have been offline for over a couple years and the data was lost, so I was able to recover it and put it up for you guys to enjoy! Some of it may be a little out of date, but still useful.