Password Hacking – 0. Introduction

Password Hacking – 0. Introduction


Password cracking! Yah! I hope you are as excited about the subject as I am. If not, you must be
at least somewhat interested since you are reading this right now, unless of course you pick up random things and read them because you have nothing better to do. In that case, I’ll get you interested!

Whether you are a computer security hobbyist, Certified Ethical Hacker, or just want to know how to crack your girlfriend’s password because she’s “cheating” on you, you will enjoy and get something out of this course. I cover the very basics of password cracking all the way up to the most advanced topics (eventually), so there is something here for everyone. If after going through it, you think otherwise, then you are a liar. Nobody likes liars.

If you are really serious about learning all about password cracking, then not only will you read
everything in this course, but you will also DO. DO every example I show you because no matter how much you read, you will never really know something until you DO it. So DO it Damnit!

Let us begin.

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